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Rick Harchol

Live Looping Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer

I am a local musician that has been signed to several major recording contracts. I have had my songs and performances on radio, as well as placed in movies and television. I am a looping performer (essentially a one man band) covering  Americana, Adult Contemporary, R&B, Pop, Soul and Classic Rock songs from the 60's into the 2,000's. My performances create a soulful vibe that will entertain your guests, or simply provide ambient background and instrumental music as requested. I can play at any volume requested from whisper quiet to more lively for whatever is requested. 


Record labels: Atco / Atlantic, MCA, Vineyard. Bands:"Outlaw Blood","The Voices","NBWB". Songs appearing in major movies, as well as Television programs such as HBO, Discovery, MTV, CMT, A&E, Oprah, RuPaul among others.



With decades of experience performing and recording music and having been signed to major recording contracts several times, I have been blessed to play music professionally. 

Insured, professional, punctual, friendly and always grateful.

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